The staff of MBSQuoteline combines years of experience in both the mortgage industry and the finance industry. The result is sophisticated economic analysis and news focused on the needs of the mortgage professional and delivered in concise, easy to understand language.
Scott Sanderson
Scott graduated with a business degree from the University of Texas. He's a veteran of the mortgage industry with a career spanning over 20 years, beginning as a Loan Officer in 1984 to his present capacity as President and CEO of Central Texas Mortgage Corporation, a Mortgage Banking and Brokerage company, and Managing Partner of MBSQuoteline. His passion for the markets began early in his career and was fueled by the lack of good, affordable MBS market information available to industry professionals. To that end, in 1992 he founded Quoteline, a Mortgage Backed Security market pricing and information service, the seed for today's MBSQuoteline. As the first MBS service tailored specifically to the origination community, over the years Quoteline helped thousands of clients, Loan Officers, Brokers and pipeline managers follow the markets and make better, more profitable decisions in their businesses, while learning what makes the market tick. MBSQuoteline represents the continued evolution of Quoteline, and in 2005 enters its 14th year of providing essential MBS news, information and pricing to the industry.
Dan Alpert
Director of Economic Analysis
Dan graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a degree in Economics. He became a foreign exchange trader for two years with State Street Bank in Boston where he looked for trends in exchange rates and interest rates through technical analysis and economic research. He then spent three years as an equity analyst, researching investments for a $200 million hedge fund. Now, Dan is the leader of the economic analysis team, devoted to providing clients with the latest market information, critical for making lock/float decisions, in a quick and easy to read format.
Joe H. Farr
Director of Sales and Marketing
Joe, a 20-year veteran of the mortgage industry, joined MBSQuoteline in September 2005. Prior to joining MBSQuoteline, Joe was President and CEO of one of the nation's top-50 mortgage banking companies, Guaranty Residential Lending, Inc. At Guaranty, Joe managed a nationwide network of retail, wholesale, and correspondent lending branches, originating billions of dollars in loans annually. There Joe emphasized the benefits of continually improving the tools and information available to his sales agents to help them stand above the competition and to become more professional originators. In addition, having been responsible for Guaranty's secondary marketing functions, Joe brings to MBSQuoteline an in-depth understanding of mortgage investors' policies as to price setting and re-pricing as well as understanding an originator's need for up to the minute market information. Throughout his career Joe has held leadership positions within the industry, actively participating in both the state and national trade associations. He served as President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association from May 2004 to May 2005. Joe graduated from Southwestern University with a degree in accounting.